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I live on Florida's "Sunshine Coast"

just southeast of Tampa Bay.



Why? Because with our countless bays, bayous, rivers, lakes, and of course, the Gulf Of Mexico, it's small boat heaven!


The Slingshot 16 Solo with 107 sq ft battenless sail.

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The Slingshot 16 Solo with 118 sq ft radial batten 'fan-sail'



My wife Laura's 16' trimaran with 84 sq.

ft. sail on a homemade unstayed mast.


"The 19-Footer"- A quick & comfortable

2-seater. (Lots of photos and details here)



Our 24' "cat-ketch" trimaran with one of its

optional rigs - a pair of 85 sq. ft. sails.


"Welcome to my world -- the wonderful world of small,

quick, nimble, inexpensive, home-brew trimarans!"


Here's What You'll Find On This Site:


Every boat I've built can be seen somewhere on this site, in varying amounts of photographic

detail. There are hundreds of photos on this site - many more than I have taken time to count.

And because a picture is worth 1000 words, I will spare you most of my words :)

  • How I Got Started: To find out how I got hooked on designing, building, and sailing small trimarans, see the column below and to the right.

  • Photos Of My Early Boats: To see a whole bunch of photos of my early and often-stumbling boat building efforts from 2009-2011, check out the column below and to the left.

  • The "New Stuff" -- Photos Of Stuff I've Built Since 2012: To see what I've been up to since the beginning of 2012, please click here

  • Videos: If you'd like to see a bunch of my videos, please click here

  • Articles: And if you'd like to read a few of my articles on why I love small, homebuilt trimarans - and why I love leeboards so much - please click here



The "Old" Boats



I "discovered" sailing in

2009, and started designing, building, testing, and (hopefully) refining my designs within a year.


If you'd like to look at the "history" of my boatbuilding journey from 2009-2011, please click the assorted links below.


(Or, in the column to the right, you can see what I've been up to since the start or 2012.)


1. A Brief History of the 15 or so homemade boats and rigs I have build over the past two years [click here]


2. Our first "trimarans"- made from kayaks (includes construction photos). click here


3. Building our first "real" trimaran: the tandem rig (includes construction photos).  click here


4. Building the first lightweight, single-seater trimaran, "No Commotion" click here


5. Building Laura's 65-lb "ultralight" trimaran - see 50 construction photos! click here


6. The Amazing "Planing Amas"- see 40 photos! click here


8. No Commotion Gets A Slick New "Sliding Aka" System! click here

My Personal Introduction (And "Disclaimer")

I want to make it clear right up front that I am definitely not a professional boat builder or designer. I have no training in either of those fine arts. Everything I know, and everything you'll see here, is purely the result of trial and error (lots and lots of error...).So why did I create this site for small trimarans? Because...

  • In 2009)  got hooked on sailing when a Sunfish blew past my kayak...

  • Then -- after we dumped our monohull in a lake -- I got hooked on the stability of multihulls...

  • Then I discovered that the trimarans I could build were both quicker and more stable than any of the catamarans I had previously built.

And of course, any sailboat that goes 12-15 mph, sits flat, handles great, rides dry, takes 10-12 minutes for one person to assemble and rig, and costs less than $1000 to build -- well, it just can't be beat!


Note: This site will be updated as often as there's a good reason to do so. And If you are building a small trimaran, but you don't want to create your own web site, I will be happy to create a page on this site dedicated to your project -- your own videos, photos, story, whatever.


About the construction detail photos you'll find here...


Although I have a ton of construction photos of every boat I've built, I haven't included some of them on this site as yet. I thought it would be best to wait and see what you are actually interested in looking at before I upload the rest of them.


But right now you can find more than 120 photos related to just two of the dozen plus boats detailed on this site - Item #2 (A Brief History) and Item #6 (Laura's Ultralight Trimaran). You'll find both of those items listed at the column to the left.


If there's any other boat on this site whose construction details you would like to see, please email me here and let me know, and I'll get them uploaded for you ASAP.


Happy building! - "Dr. Frank"



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